Ceeable to Demo Digital Health Tech at Medtech Monday Conference

D-EYE Partners with TreVia to Expand Remote HealthcaremHealthWatch learned today that Ceeable, Inc. will present its digital health technology at the Med Tech Monday Conference in Irvine, California today.

Med Tech Monday is a one-day medical device conference that showcases the latest medical device innovations, investment insights and startups.

The conference highlights discussions with industry leaders on the future of medical devices in the coming years

As for the technology at hand, the Ceeable Visual Field Analyzer (CVFA) is a cloud-based digital platform used to detect and classify retinal disease, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

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MEDNAXMEDNAX, Inc., the national health solutions partner specializing in anesthesiology, neonatology, maternal-fetal medicine, other pediatric services, radiology, and management services is exhibiting as an American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Conference Supporter at PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2017: Critical Changes, Critical Strategies.

And the invite to check it out is now out in the open.

“Join physicians and leadership of MEDNAX/American Anesthesiology exhibiting from January 27-28 at the Gaylord Texan Resort at Booth #720,” a provided statement reads.
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Can Tech Help People Make Healthier Food Choices

Smartphones May Reduce Food Allergy Exposure in 2013Can technology help Americans make healthier food choices? It looks like we are about to find out.

The gap in America’s nutrition knowledge continues to widen as consumers have little understanding of what comprises healthy, nutritious foods as well as how the body responds to various foods.

Per the results of a nationally representative Sugar Gap Study released today by Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., only 28 percent of Americans could answer all of the nutrition facts correctly.

While less than half of all Americans can identify what makes up nutritious foods, millennials possess the largest knowledge gap, with one-third (33 percent) selecting the correct nutrition components.
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mHealth News: What You Need to Know

mHealth News Here’s What Happened This WeekHere are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

A New Record Set for Healthcare IT / Digital Health VC Funding
Mercom Capital Group, a global research and communications firm, released its annual report on funding and mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity for the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) / Digital Health sector.

UnitedAg Expands Relationship with Teladoc
Teladoc, Inc. has just announced that UnitedAg has expanded the telehealth benefits for its 35,000 insured members to include coverage for behavioral health, dermatology and smoking cessation.

A Healthy Outlook Ahead for iOS in Business, Healthcare and More
The latest smartphone OS sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Android sales declined in the US, GB, and France, as iOS continued to make gains across most regions in the three months ending November 2016.
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Amerigroup Washington Offers All Members Free Access to Digital Behavioral Healthcare Resources

6a9f934ae2bb01c0ac158f8bccdc45e3While the holiday season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, the post-holiday season and winter blues sometimes bring an increase of depression and struggle for many. To address these heightened stressors both now and throughout the year, Amerigroup Washington is working together with myStrength, Inc., an innovative leader in digital behavioral healthcare, to provide mental health and wellness resources to all Amerigroup Washington members, dramatically increasing access to mental health services throughout the state.

One in four people struggle with behavioral health challenges, yet nearly 70 percent do not receive effective care, due in large part to stigma and access. According to Mental Health America, Washington ranks 30th out of 50 in the nation for prevalence of serious mental illness. This low overall ranking indicates higher prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to care. Unfortunately, lack of access and care directly results in poorer quality of life and greater risk of disease.

Through this collaboration with myStrength, Inc., all Amerigroup Washington members now have access to online behavioral health resources. These digital resources promote emotional wellness and help those struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use disorders and chronic pain to manage and overcome the challenges and are available 24/7.
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‘Pay-for-Pounds’ Contests Prompting Workplace Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Industry Hopping on The Mobile BandwagonThe following is a guest contributed post from Merilee Kern, MBA

While the modern-day workplace is rife with technology and other advancements that have made it more efficient, productive and profitable from a business standpoint, it seems much of that progress is having an adverse effect on the collective waistline—and well-being in general—of America’s workforce.

According to James A. Levine, an obesity specialist at the Mayo Clinic, “… Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950 and physically active jobs now make up only about 25% of our workforce, which is 50% less than in 1950.”  According to Dr. Vince Kerr, director of Health Care Management at Ford Motor Company, obesity in particular has a “devastating impact” on employees’ health and, in turn, creates a ripple effect on their employers’ bottom line.  He further explained that companies experience a loss in excess of $12 billion per year due to lowered productivity, higher healthcare rates, elevated health and disability insurance premiums, increased absenteeism and other associated weight and obesity-related conditions.

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A New Record Set for Healthcare IT / Digital Health VC Funding

Money, Money, Money Guess What Would Inspire More Family Physicians to Use TelehealthMercom Capital Group, a global research and communications firm, released its annual report on funding and mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity for the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) / Digital Health sector.

Mercom’s comprehensive report covers Healthcare IT deals of all sizes across the globe.

Venture capital (VC) funding, including private equity and corporate VC, in the Healthcare IT totaled $5.1B (billion) in 622 deals in 2016, a new record for the sector.

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