House Calls Stage a Comeback with Medpod

MHW learned Tuesday that the team at Medpod has just announced MobileDoc — a compact medical office in a bag that stands to “dramatically advance telemedicine, reduce healthcare costs and provide greater access to care for Americans.”

In short, we’re told, it’s a comeback opportunity for the old-fashioned house call.

While telemedicine connections using video or Skype have been conducted before, this is the first time a remote connection between patient and physician has enabled the physician to receive and analyze diagnostic information from an array of professional medical devices in real-time.

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Philips Introduces New teleICU Enterprise Software at ATA 2017

Royal Philips, a global powerhouse in health technology, announced the debut of its eCareManager 4.1 enterprise telehealth software this week at the American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Telemedicine Meeting & Trade Show (ATA 2017) in Orlando, Flordia.

This latest advanced telehealth technology builds on Philips’ “proven success in delivering population health management solutions to help combat shortages of critical care teams by providing actionable insights to help improve outcomes in the most complex patient cases,” the company says.

Additionally, the streamlined workflows of eCareManager 4.1 allow intensivists to provide more efficient care across a larger patient population, allowing for greater scale and potentially reducing operating costs.

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Klick Labs Unveils First Device to Record and Transmit Parkinson’s Tremors

Klick Labs, a digital healthcare innovation lab, today introduced the SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device, a groundbreaking Proof of Concept that wirelessly records and transmits patient tremors in real time to help foster clinical empathy and better care for the more than 40 million people living with movement disorders in the U.S. alone.

Today’s announcement underscores the innovation lab’s exploration of several applications and platforms to induce more empathy for patients across many disease states.

Unlike other inventions that attempt to replicate tremors via mechanical vibrations, Klick Labs’ SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device records continuous electromyogram data from the patient and wirelessly transmits it via Bluetooth to a custom-engineered electrical muscle stimulation armband for non-patients.

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First Look: Medici Launches in U.S. To Change the Way Doctors and Patients Communicate

On Monday, Medici — the next-generation HIPAA-compliant messaging app that enables medical providers and their patients to communicate virtually via text or video — announced its official launch in the U.S. in all 50 states.

“Beginning today, users can invite their existing family physician, pediatrician, dermatologist, dentist, veterinarian, mental health provider, nutritionist and other medical providers to join the Medici platform.” the platform’s makers tell us.

Providers throughout the U.S. can similarly invite their patients to join Medici, which offers a more convenient, accessible and modernized method of communication and represents the latest innovation in healthcare technology.

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World’s Major Showcase of Human-Computer Interaction Research Opens May 6

With the potential for healthcare revolution at the forefront of imagination, a new showcase is set to open next week.

MHW learned today that The Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction (SIGCHI) will present “the premier international conference on human-computer interaction” (CHI 2017) in Denver, Colorado May 6-11, 2017.

We’re told that CHI 2017 addresses the use of technology in all areas of life, and brings together people from multiple disciplines and diverse cultures to explore new ways to practice, develop and improve methods and systems in human-computer interaction.

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Firstbeat, Valencell Collaborate on Biometric Wearables and Hearables

Valencell, a leading innovator in wearable and hearable biometric sensor technology, and Firstbeat, a top provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing, announced today a strategic collaboration to ensure Valencell’s biometric sensor systems and Firstbeat physiological analytics “work seamlessly together and to explore to full potential of what can biometric wearables can achieve.”

“Today’s market demands more insightful user experiences that use science to go beyond basic heart rate measurement to provide personalized, actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery, among other things,” a provided statement reads.

These insights require highly accurate biometric sensor data and advanced analytics like those provided by Valencell and Firstbeat.

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ATA 2017: HealthGrid to Showcase Patient Engagement Platform

HealthGrid, a mobile patient engagement leader will exhibit its patient engagement platform at the American Telemedicine Association’s ATA 2017 conference April 23-25 in Orlando, Fla., “focusing on its ability to drive telehealth utilization and improve the patient experience.”

If you’re not familiar, ATA 2017 is the world’s largest telehealth innovation and networking event.

HealthGrid’s patient engagement platform integrates with telehealth platforms and telehealth-specific campaigns for increased utilization. It assists providers in achieving returns on their telehealth platform by driving telehealth utilization and automates campaigns for patients eligible for telehealth for readmission management and value-based care initiatives.

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