Where is Pharma Marketing Headed in 2018?

This week, our sister site MMW was privy to some insights on the future of pharma marketing from Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint.

So what’s ahead in the new year? Here are some of Goan’s predictions:

AI and ML will save lives in 2018

AI and ML will revolutionize clinical trial recruitment by finding patients based on a variety of factors including symptoms and co-morbidities, and matching up individual online behaviors with relevant messaging to create a highly targeted, message-specific campaign of one.

Wearable Data Will Be In The Hands Of The Few

Fitness trackers, life-logging platforms and the proliferation of healthcare apps provide an abundance of data, such as steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns, which can be combined with other known information to create highly personalized messaging. As the wearable industry matures, there will be major consolidation. Apple, Google and Samsung will be the last men standing and will control all of this valuable first party data. It will be a three horse race to see who can best leverage these insights.

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First Look: New Approach to Convenient and Secure Collection of Personal Health Data for Scientific Research Identified

higi, a population health enablement company that owns and operates more than 11,000 health stations across the United States, has produced a new white paper, A Novel Approach for Conveniently and Securely Collecting Personal Health Data.

We’re told that this paper, developed in partnership with ICF, a global consulting and digital services provider, addresses the need for a convenient and secure manner for collecting personal health data in an environment where health study participation has plummeted across the country and how health kiosks and consumer wearable devices can be utilized to ensure active participants in health studies.

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Macadamian’s My Diabetes Coach Making Headway Helping Others

This week, Healthcare software design and development firm, Macadamian, announced that My Diabetes Coach™ was chosen as one of five finalists out of 146 applications from 15 countries in the eleventh annual 2017 HITLAB World Cup of Voice-Activated Technology in Diabetes presented by Novo Nordisk, an international challenge where innovators present original solutions to pressing global healthcare challenges.

What is the offering exactly?

My Diabetes Coach is a unique way to improve the health of youth with type 2 diabetes by creating an intelligent, voice-enabled system – using Amazon’s Alexa – that provides accurate, personalized feedback and suggestions based on actual behaviors.

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MyOncoPath Brings Telemedicine to Cancer Treatment Plans

MHW learned today that MyOncoPath, a new telemedicine clinic specializing in personalized medicine for cancer patients, announced they have begun seeing patients and partnering with medical practices nationwide.

If you’re not familiar, MyOncoPath bridges the gap between the millions of cancer patients in the U.S., and genetic counselors specializing in cancer genomics, via its telemedicine clinic, and provides genetic testing recommendations to help providers identify personalized treatment plans.

The field of personalized medicine is progressing rapidly in cancer treatment with new therapeutic agents being tailored to attack an individual’s tumor based on the tumor’s unique genetic makeup, allowing for better targeting and reduced chemotoxicity.

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Market Poised for Greater Convergence of Push to Talk Telemedicne and mHealth

According to a new report summary shared with MHW on Monday morning, the global market for push to talk telemedicine and mHealth convergence is projected to witness considerable growth in the coming years as efforts are made to integrate push-to-talk devices with telemedicine systems.

This will not only help define communications between clinicians and their patients but also help boost the adoption of home healthcare solutions.

The new report in question has been added to the database of QYResearchReports.com and offers detailed insights into the global push to talk telemedicine and mHealth convergence market.

This 117-page publication is titled “Global Push To Talk Telemedicine and M-Health Convergence Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022.”

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NovuHealth to Present How the Power of Engagement Drives Quality Performance at December Forum

NovuHealth, a consumer engagement company in the health care industry, recently announced that Jordan Mauer, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Member Engagement, will present a session focused on how to drive quality improvements through consumer engagement at the AHIP Consumer Experience and Digital Health Forum.

The session will be held from 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mauer will co-present with Pamela Hanson, Senior Manager, Service Improvement, Community Health Choice, Inc., about how member engagement can be used to improve quality performance and member satisfaction.

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mHealth News: What You Need to Know

Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

Nomad Health Announces First Ever Telemedicine Jobs Marketplace
Nomad Health, which operates the first online marketplace for freelance healthcare jobs, today announced that it has expanded into the rapidly growing telemedicine jobs market.

Humana Launches ‘Innovation Challenge’ to Make Digital Health Records More Useful
MHW learned today that Humana Inc. is sponsoring an Innovation Challenge in California to make digital health records – specifically in the Medicare space – more useful to patients, physicians, caregivers and others who need to see complex data in a more human-centered way.

engagedIN Planning Neuroscience-Based Innovation Retreat
engagedIN – a design firm focused on behavior change through the combination of neuroscience, design and technology – announced today that the company will host CONNECT, a private, day-long “work spa” to enable Executives from the Health and Wellness industry to focus and innovate on their most mission-critical project or 2018 intention through expert facilitation, peer-sharing, mindfulness and neuroscience-based design exercises

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